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Avex Online Tool Shop


Avex Professional Tools supplies an online comprehensive range of industrial and engineering tools to manufacturing, repair and service companies, artisans, mechanics and tradesmen, as well as hobbyists, resellers and distributors.


Our online tool shop offers more than 100 000 products from basic hand tools all the way through highly specialised assembly and production line equipment. Our warehouse stocks in more than 20 000 general engineering and industrial line items and our stockholding and overall capacity ensures that our clients can expect efficient service from Avex Professional Tools.


Premier Tool Ranges


We offer every reputable tool brand on the market and our particular focus is on the following premier tool ranges.


Avex Professional Tools


This tool range has allowed Avex to become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the market. The products are of the highest quality available and at extremely competitive prices. The Avex seal of approval assures customers of the warranty and back-up offered by this brand.


Cromwell Tools


One of the largest online independent engineering tool suppliers in Europe, Cromwell's well-known brands include Kennedy, Senator, Yamoto, Kobe, Swisstech, Oxford, Sherwood, York, Edison, Cotswold, Q-Torq and many more. Cromwell offers a one-stop solution to our customers and different price brackets for similar tools within the range.


U.S. Air Tool Company (USATCO)


Founded in 1954, USATCO was also involved in the founding of the Avex Tools division of the AVEX Group (Pty) Ltd. USATCO is a market leader in aviation and aerospace tool products, and has been committed to South Africa since the decision to invest in the country in 1994.




GearWrench® is a registered trademark of Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool manufacturers. The GearWrench® line of tools continues the Apex tradition of developing innovative hand tool technologies and manufacturing those tools to the highest standards. Since launching the original patented 50 ratcheting wrench, GearWrench® has continuously led with breakthroughs in pass-thru ratchets, sockets, screw/nut drivers, pliers, and speciality tools. Over 70 million GearWrench® products have been professionally tested across the world. 


Eastern Technology Corporation


Eastern Technology Corporation manufactures a range of aircraft engine test equipment such as aircraft magneto timing lights, aircraft timing indicators, differential cylinder pressure testers and high-voltage cable testers. For your convenience, Avex Tools stocks a selection of the most commonly required items and spare parts.


Apex Tool Group


This multinational giant specialises in the supply of products to a wide spectrum of industries, most notable to the AVEX Group, aerospace and motor manufacturing. Brands such as Apex, Cleco, Dotco, GearWrench and Recoules are all supplied by Avex and have established themselves through many years to be market leaders and quality-assured products.


Find the tool you need

Browse our website to see all the brands and products we can supply. For more assistance, get in touch with Avex Professional Tools today.

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