A workshop tool collection to envy

15th Jun 2021

Whether you are getting your workshop tool collection together from scratch, or expanding your existing tool collection, having a checklist on hand can help you build a comprehensive workshop tool collection to make your workshop the envy of all your friends and colleagues.

Product categories

Start with one or two items from each category, focusing on what you’re likely to use most. There’s no point adding a hacksaw to your workshop tool collection when you hardly ever have a need for it – at least not at the start. When you’ve reached a point where you occasionally use something that’s not currently part of your workshop tool collection , and let’s be honest, if it would look really cool to have a complete workshop tool collection, by all means, go ahead if you can afford it.

These categories are the foundations of the Avex Professional Tools range.

  • Aerospace: Rivet gun kits, workshop tools, hand tools, bucking bars

  • Toolkits: Cantilevers, tool carry bags, top chests

  • Build-A-Box: Starter kit, professional kit, individual modular kits

  • Battery drill: Power drill, battery, battery charger

  • Hammers: Ball pein hammers, nylon-tip hammers, replaceable nylon tips (medium or hard)

  • Hand tools: Hacksaws, hex keys, hook n pick,inspection mirror, nut drivers, pickup tools, utility knives

  • Lighting: LED lights, flashlights, headlamps

  • Measuring tools: Measuring tapes, steel ruler, feeler gauge

  • Pliers: Aviation snips, combination plier, diagonal cutting pliers, extra-long pliers, groove joint pliers, locking pliers, long nose pliers, plier set, VDE pliers

  • Screwdrivers: Phillips, slotted, ratcheting,screwdriver sets

  • Screwdriver bits: Phillips, torq set, Torx, tri-wing

  • Spanners: Adjustable wrench, angle head spanner,combination spanners, ratcheting spanners, spanner set, multi-angle pipe wrench

  • Sockets

  • Tool storage: Cantilevers, locking mechanisms,roller cabinet, tool carry bag, tool trolley, top chest, truck box

Find the tool you need

Through the Avex Professional Tools range, Avex Tools has become an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the market. These products are of the highest quality available and at extremely competitive prices. Browse our website to view our product range, new arrivals, and place orders.