How to save money buying tools

15th Jun 2021

Before you start shopping online, make a list of what you need. It may seem like common sense, but once you start browsing you might be tempted to add a variety of cool-looking gadgets to cart that you really don’t need. Now, let’s get shopping.

Buy combo kits

Whether you are stocking up your toolbox or replacing some old bits, shop around for package deals for great savings. When buying tools, especially when it comes to cordless tools, look for combos that offer several tools that are compatible with a single charger. You are almost guaranteed a significant saving on a combo compared to buying each power tool with its charger individually. While you might not need every item in the combo, consider if it adds value in terms of how much buying the rest of the combo individually would cost you. Chances are, it’s still cheaper to buy the combo with the tool you don’t need. You can always swap it with a friend or colleague who needs it or try it for yourself and see if you might not have a use for it after all.

Stick to a brand

The first benefit of this, is that you know what you get. If you’ve consistently been using a specific brand, you know the quality and durability of what they offer. Another benefit is that it’s easier – and often cheaper – to get compatible components. Again, in power tools this can offer significant savings. If you’ve got several brands in your workshop at the moment, choose your favourite or pick one with a wide product range and a great industry reputation. Buying tools from a single brand will also look great on your workbench when everything matches up.

But do you need it?

Back to that list we started with. Unless you’re looking for something to treat yourself with, be honest. Do you want that, or need it? If it’s a want, stick it in a wish list. Mostly, you should only add needs, serious and immediate needs, to your cart. You don’t want to be that person whose garage is bursting with impressive tools that you’ve never used, don’t know how to use, and only got because it looked cool. Another consideration when it comes to buying tools is your skill level. Do you need a professional-grade tool when you only tinker around every now and then?

Beware of buying cheap

At the same time that you don’t need to top-of-the-range wrench, getting the first, cheapest on the list might be a costly decision. More often than not, when it comes to tool quality, you get what you pay for. When buying tools on sale and discounted prices, look at reviews and product ratings of lower-priced products if something seems too good to be true.

Shop where the professionals shop

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