The benefits of a portable workbench

9th Jul 2021

A portable workbench truly is a gamechanger. If you have concerns about the sturdiness and effective weight-bearing of a portable workbench , you’ll be surprised to discover what the latest workhorses have to offer.

Often, the height and size of portable workbenches can be easily adjusted. As a result, they are versatile and can fit into almost any space. Being compact and easy to transport, a portable workbench is ideal for mobile workshops, allowing you to work anywhere, at any time.

The material used to build portable workbenches is durable, dent-resistant and hardwearing. In addition, they often have clamps and are suitable for use with various clamps and tools. As a result, you can easily take care of jobs like cutting, drilling, and sawing without breaking a sweat.

Choosing a portable workbench

Maybe you don’t have room for a permanent shop. This is when a portable workbench is exactly what you need. When shopping for a portable workbench , keep these considerations in mind.

A portable workbench should be lightweight and durable, and it should have the features and versatility to assist with several projects.

The size and weight of your portable workbench are crucial. It needs to be a manageable weight for one person. They also need to be sturdy enough to endure abuse but also light enough to transport. Most portable workbenches are made of sturdy steel and lightweight plastic or wood and feature integrated clamping systems.

Portable workbenches sometimes also include special features to make life easier. For example, some workbenches are designed with moulded handles for easy transport easier. Others may have measurement markings printed or moulded onto the worktop surface. There are also models with extra pockets and drawers for tool storage, and some have integrated power strips.

WORX support solutions

The WORX range of work support solutions includes portable workbenches that make projects easier by supporting heavy loads and clamping materials in place.

The Jawhorse portable clamping work support station

Avex Tools supplies this multi-purpose, heavy-duty portable bench. It has powerful clamping up to 1 000 kg with flexible clamping capacity holding 1 mm to 880 mm.

Its hands-free locking ensures you don’t need any assistance with foot operation clamping.

The Jawhorse portable workbench is a solid, heavy-duty steel construction and weighs only 15 kg, making it ideal for various projects and applications.

The WORX Jawhorse is designed to be compact and easy to store and comes fully assembled. So, once you open the packaging, you’re ready to get to work.

The Pegasus folding work table and sawhorse

This versatile folding work table can be used as a sawhorse and portable workbench and feature an integrated clamping system that holds materials firmly in place.

The WORX Pegasus is collapsible and lightweight and includes two bar clamps and four clamp dogs. It is made out of a durable, moulded ABS with steel supports and fittings. As a portable workbench, it has a 130 kg capacity, and when used as a sawhorse, its load capacity is about 450 kg. The clamps on the Pegasus can handle materials up to 45 cm in either a horizontal or vertical position and provide a maximum force of about 130 kg.

Clamp dogs are pieces that will snap into the worktable to help stabilise and secure unique shapes and provide additional support for clamping projects. Each Pegasus also come with two link locks to connect multiple tables.

The WORX Pegasus coordinates seamlessly with the WORX Sidekick, which is the same working height and features the same joiners and attachment points to make larger projects easier to tackle.

The Pegasus is fully assembled and weighs a mere 13 kg.

Sidekick portable work table

The WORX Sidekick is lightweight yet sturdy, and its collapsible tabletop design offers maximum versatility and portability. This portable workbench is a little stick of dynamite that delivers a big bang, supporting up to 130 kg. It folds in half for easy transport and out-of-the-way storage. Sidekick sets up in seconds, and its metal leg stand won't slip on hard surfaces or sink in soft ground.

Made out of a durable, moulded ABS with steel legs and fittings, the Sidekick weighs only 6 kg. You don’t need any tools for the minimal assembly required and can be up and working in a matter of seconds.

Find the portable workbench you need

Avex Tools has a range of portable workbench solutions for every application. Browse our website to view our product range, new arrivals, and place orders.