The top tools for aircraft maintenance

20th May 2021

Aircraft maintenance is crucial in the aviation industry to ensures the safety of passengers, crew, and cargo. Aircraft mechanics and technicians who provide repair and maintenance services, need the right tools in addition to expert knowledge to deal with some of the sensitive equipment on aircraft. If you’re looking at putting your own aircraft maintenance toolbox together, Avex Professional Tools has everything you need.

Speed handle

A speed handle is one of the most time saving tools in aircraft maintenance. It has a crank-shaped handle that allows technicians to quickly fasten and remove screw heads. Considering the significant number of screws involved during maintenance on the aircraft skin. The Speed Handle from the Avex Professional Tools range is manufactured from chrome vanadium steel for extra strength and durability and is presented in a high polished satin finish. Buy it now.

Torque wrench

Fasteners on an aircraft requires to be tightened to a manufacturer’s specification after maintenance have been completed. A torque wrench is used to tighten fasteners. Torque wrenches are designed to provide accurate, repeatable and equal tightness every time. Torque wrenches can be supplied with a dial indicator or the more preferable click type, meaning that once the required torque is reached the operator will hear a click noise.

Safety wire pliers

Safety wires help to ensure that at no time the nuts and bolts within an aircraft will loosen. Safety wire pliers are used to hold the large aluminium wires in place while tying them together to form a strong braid. Kennedy Professional manufactures safety wire pliers from chrome vanadium steel with a ground and polished head. It features cross-knurled jaws with a wire cutter to be used for safety-wiring critical fasteners and electrical connectors. Find it here.

Metal working tools

For any mechanical repair on aircraft, it’s often necessary to have metal working tools, most commonly used for fastening metal, bending metals, and cutting metals. Rivet guns, for example enables the mechanic or technician to affix rivets, which are essential in holding fundamental structures of the aircraft together. A rivet gun set like this one from Avex Professional Tools contains a rivet gun, bucking bars, straight rivets, offset rivets, flush rivets, flush rivets with rubber guard, beehive spring retainer, spring brass regulator, air tool fitting, and tool oil. It should meet every riveting requirement you have.


Mirrors are essential tools in aircraft repair, as mechanics sometimes won’t have a direct line of sight in some critical parts that need to be checked regularly. In some instances, the only way to see such an area is by using a mirror before dismantling the entire section. Avex Professional has a retractable stem inspection mirror. Its retractable chrome-plated shaft can be adjusted into any position. The high-grade distortion-free glass mirror comes standard, and a light attachment is optional.

Tool storage

Our quality toolboxes are manufactured from heavy gauge steel and our roller cabinets are manufactured with a double wall construction. This ensures sturdy and durable tool storage units to meet all your requirements. The Sliding drawers are all fitted with roller bearings and open completely extra accessibility. With comprehensive range you can expand your tool storage units as your tool collection grows. Browse here for more information.

Start Up Toolkit to Complete Professional Toolkits

Avex professional toolkits are available from a standard start-up option to a complete 223 piece professional toolkit. Our foam modular systems will fit into our 5 or 7 drawer roller cabinets. With more than 40 modular foam inserts to choose from, why not build your own toolkit using our modular systems? ( CNC routers are used to cut foam to ensure contour of tools fit perfectly into the foam. Using our modular system aids in total tool control at a glance.

All the aircraft maintenance tools you need

These are just some of the commonly used tools for aircraft repair and maintenance. To find even more tools, visit the Avex Professional Tools website, or contact us for assistance.